Founded in 2005, Wageslip has been providing an internet payroll service across the whole of the UK.

Offering a fast and reliable payroll service, covering the whole of the United Kingdom. From Brighton to Inverness, Margate to Penzance, Llandudno to Lowestoft. Wherever you are, we are there to help.

Our payroll services are competitively priced – our minimum charge is £5.00, thereafter it’s £2.00 per wageslip, per pay period.

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We offer Weekly, 2 Weekly, 4 Weekly and Monthly payroll services.

Auto Enrolment set up costs from a one off fee of £75.00

Payroll Services – Wageslip the internet payroll bureau service UK. We offer a comprehensive payroll processing service to all types of business.

Based in Kent, with internet payroll bureau services that cover the whole UK, from Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool to Birmingham, Cardiff, Exeter, Kent and London! So wherever you’re in the UK we can provide a cost effective payroll processing service.

Wageslip offers your business a payroll service:-

• That is accurate, fast and efficient.
• That allows you to choose either weekly, fortnightly or monthly payrolls.
• That takes care of all starters and leavers – at no extra cost.
• That submits RTI reports and end of year returns on-line – at no extra cost.
• That doesn’t charge set up costs.

Competitive Auto enrolment set up costs.

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As an internet payroll service we offer a complete payroll processing service for all types of business and any number of employees. Our payroll service can process weekly, 2-weekly, 4-weekly, monthly or any pay period or combination you require. Whether you’re based in Edinburgh, York, Wrexham, Bristol, Wolverhampton, Norwich, Sunderland, Nottingham or Canterbury, we can provide a first class and cost effective payroll service.